Giftmania, powered by Polyconcept

The only 100% Trade Only wholesaler of high quality promotional gifts in the Middle East. Based in the heart of Dubai you can see our showroom and sales office, our 2000m2 warehouse is located in the Sharjah Airport International Freezone and has stock of over 500 items in big quantities, ready for next day delivery.

We are the proud exclusive partner for Polyconcept. Polyconcept is the biggest global player in this industry, they represent brands like: Balmain, Slazenger, Jamie Oliver, US Basic and many more.

Distributors of promotional items are the only companies we work with. We highly believe in the strength of a distributor network, have them focused on selling and following up the orders, us having their backs supplying them with high quality services and products. A true mutual win - win situation.

Cuppia notebook
Dubai 4280 Poland 8612
Greedo Bluetooth® Speaker
Dubai 1897 Poland 3657
Wire Selfie Stick
Dubai 4961 Poland 20976
Professional safety vest in pouch
Dubai 3635 Poland 11980
Ballpoint pen gift set
Dubai 1021 Poland 506
Ballpoint pen
Dubai 1939 Poland 1398
Ballpoint pen
Dubai 605 Poland 4320
Jazz earphones
Dubai 1419 Poland 2884